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Heading West

After recovering from the birthday shenanigans of last night, I will be heading Westward tomorrow to Portland, Oregon. I am pretty much already packed, but I still have some final touches to take care of. After being home for two weeks, I am have been itching to get set on my journey. Today, I will be driving to the east side of the state (my flight is out of Detroit) and staying at my friends place. Tomorrow morning, we are getting dropped off at the airport in the wee hours of the morning for our 6:15am flight.

For the coming adventure, we haven’t really planned much, but that often times leads to the best adventures. We have a hostel to stay in for our first two nights in Portland, and there are a few places that I know I want to check out. While in Portland, we will be visiting with one of our professors that we had in while we were in Spain (he was a guest professor while we were in Spain but lives in Oregon).

After Portland, it is off to Eugene, Oregon to kick it with some friends. We also plan to do some day trips to near-by parks and such.

Then I will be spending some time in Washington — not sure where yet. The Coast? Olympia Park? Seattle? There are so many options, but I know whatever I end up doing it will turn out great!

Stay posted follow bloggers!


4 thoughts on “Heading West

  1. Portland, OR has a lot of hole in the wall places to visit. Dixies Lounge in downtown Portland has a fun birthday package for someone who wants to be out on their birthday. Hope you have fun in the wonderful northwest.

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