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Hello Portlandia!

Well I’ve made it to Portland, OR, but my luggage hasn’t yet! I am trying to stay positive about it because that is all I can do right now. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.

The unexpected events that have unfolded through out the day have just added to the interest of the experience. Upon arrival, I was sat without my bags, talking to the airline’s customer service representative as to how I would be reunited with my bags. At least I was given a toiletry bag — that has enough toothpaste for one brush. (by the way, my camera cord was in my luggage, so I will not be able to post photos until I receive it). My next incident of the day was accidentally ordering a tamale with meat it it when I am a vegetarian. From there, it seemed to get a bit better even though I am quite sleepy.

I am not complaining about the unfortunate events; I am only mentioning this because even though things may not always go perfectly, I know that they will all turn out in the end. That is the fun of travel, and the reason travel can cause such growth in a someone.

We also made it to Powell’s book store, some local food trucks, and a farmer’s market. There will be more on that later, but for now I need some sleep considering I have been up since 3am Michigan time and it is not 7:30 Portland time. I need my rest for tomorrow. Stay posted — I will post more when I am able to load pictures.


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