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Romance in the Rose Gardens

Destination: a hidden terrace behind the small Rose Garden Store.

Explanation: an unknown mystery awaits me.

Red Roses in Washington Park

Red Roses in Washington Park

For the past couple of weeks, my boyfriend has been on a road trip, and finally it is my chance to also enjoy the thrill of travel. He had recently been in Portland, and he knew that I would be coming here soon. Being the great guy that he is, he hid me a little something for me to find in the coming weeks. My directions were — “in Washington Park.. Near the rose gardens… There is a small rose gift shop/stand and behind the building on the trellis to the left connected at the ground is a black box…”

It was a great feeling to find the small black box; it was the most connected I have felt to him in a few weeks. I miss him very much and because he has been traveling we haven’t spoken much lately (which is a good thing because that means he is enjoying himself!).

We both love travel and the thrill of being somewhere new and meeting new people. That is why we are great together. We understand each others need for new experiences, and we are happy for one another when the other is on the road. Soon enough we will be physically back together and able to have our own adventures, but for now, I am enjoying what Oregon has to offer. While he is enjoying a road trip with his best friend.


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