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The Magic is in the Hole

Luckily, we stumbled upon the infamous Voodoo Donuts in Portland when leaving the coffee shop, Stumptown, and heading towards The Rose Gardens in Washington Park. When we realized what we had found, we excitedly took our photos and decided upon which delectable treat we would be trying. I went for the “Old Dirty Bastard,” a doughnut topped with chocolate, Oreos, and peanut butter. Jackie, my travel companion, went for the well-known “Bacon Maple Bar.”

The Voodoo Menu

The Voodoo Menu

I got VD in Portland!!

I got VD in Portland!!

The Old Dirty Bastard was perfect for my taste buds. It was a rich chocolatey texture explosion. With the smush-smush of the doughnut, the crunch-crunch of the Oreos, and the smooooooooooothness of the peanut butter it becomes a “3-ring circus of texture in your mouth” explains Jackie.

The "Old Dirty Bastard" up-close and personal in front of the Voodoo shop.

The “Old Dirty Bastard” up-close and personal in front of the Voodoo shop.

Jackie raved about the Bacon Maple Bar. While I didn’t have a taste because of my veggie tendencies, she quickly fell in love with the doughnut and the Voodoo experience in general. She explained the Bacon Maple Bar “it is mostly the sugaryness of the maple but then the bacon comes in with the hardy-meatyness” and “it is like your mouth is coated with sugar but then an after taste of meat, so it is like a weird sweet meat in your mouth. It is intense — maple syrup on crack!!”

"The Bacon Maple Bar"

“The Bacon Maple Bar”

Overall, this is definitely a Portland must do! It is a quick stop and the outdoor seating area is great for people watching.


3 thoughts on “The Magic is in the Hole

  1. I got VD in Portland, too!!
    When I went, there was always a long lineup. How long did you have to wait?
    Side note, I got the diabetes-inducing bubblegum donut. (Yum!)

    • We actually didn’t have to wait at all! There was no line when we were there, but it looked like we beat the rush. It got quite busy while we were outside eating. Good choice with the bubblegum, that one did look quite enticing!!!

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