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Reconnecting a World Away

While in Portland, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my guest professors from Spain. He is a professor here at Portland State University, but he was in Oviedo during the same semester I was. In Spain, we also got to know his wife and son as we went on excursions to places like Barcelona, Gijón, A Coruña, and Santiago. The connection you can make with people while exploring new places really is phenomenal.  It was like no time had passed since we were in Spain together, yet it was a year ago.

At the Three Sisters Nixtamal stand at the People's co-op Market, Wednesdays 2-7.

At the Three Sisters Nixtamal stand at the People’s co-op Market, Wednesdays 2-7.

Here in Portland, we met up with him at a farmer’s market, People’s Co-op, in which he, his wife, and friend sell homemade Mexican tortillas. Wow, are they good! Their stand’s name is Three Sisters Nixtamal, and soon they are hoping to expand their product sales to local stores. They offer a variety of corn tortillas including yellow corn, blue corn, corn & guajillo, and green tortillas. Not only do they sell them already made, the also sell the masa, so you can cook your own tortillas at home, fresh. The tortillas are made from all organic corn, are gluten free, and GMO free. If you happen to be in Portland, make sure you stop by, say hi, and check out their amazing tortillas. —

People's co-op farmer's market connecting people through fresh, organic food.

People’s co-op farmer’s market connecting people through fresh, organic food.

The People’s Co-op is actually a small store in the Hawthorne district that is owned by the people who work and shop there. The farmer’s market is open Wednesday’s from 2-7 It is divided into small shares, and the share-holders elect a board that makes management decisions — owned by the people, for the people. This particular farmer’s market requires that the goods sold there are all organic. —

People's co-op

People’s co-op

In Spain, some other students and myself were lucky enough to learn the ways of making traditional tortillas from the master herself. When Jackie and I stopped at their stand in the farmer’s market to catch up, the memories of Spain came flooding back. We went on and on about it like it was yesterday.


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