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A Trip to the Coast

Hanging out in the cities of Portland and Eugene has really been great, but I do love getting out of the city to see what nature has to offer. We headed west on Highway-126 towards Florence, Oregon.

Again, I was astounded by the beauty of just driving through the mountains. We passed through a tunnel, and my Oregonian friend was amazed that we Michiganders aren’t really familiar with tunnels. Once we made it to Florence, we mosied our way to the beach area. I was surprised how similar it seemed to my local beach of Lake Michigan.

Although it seemed similar, there were some major differences. The waves were enormous, there was a salty taste in the air, the wind was ferocious, and there were loads of seashells scattered along the beach. We even found a couple of unbroken sand-dollars!

The awe-inspiring beach in Florence, Oregon. Just imagine the taste and feel of the salty spray coming off of the Pacific Ocean.


Myself, Jackie, and Ellen searching for sand-dollars during low tide.

Then we made a stop at Mo’s for the famous clam chowder (luckily they did have one veggie-friendly item on the menu, a veggie burger). Mo’s is a Oregonian Coast chain restaurant that is a must-do (for those who do eat sea food). From what I have heard, the clam chowder is amazing and Mo’s offers a wide variety of fresh sea food. The atmosphere was fun, and because the restaurant is right on the water, the outside view is lovely. After filling our bellies, we perused through the small seaside town of Florence, which is full of tiny gift and candy shops.


Mo’s — a seafood-lovers paradise. Famous for their clam chowder, Mo’s is an Oregon sea-food favorite.


The nautical themed interior of Mo’s really completes the coastal experience.

Have you been to the West Coast? What was your experience like? — Comments welcome!


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