My Adventures / Reflection

Travel as a couple!!

Traveling together has allowed us to get to know one another better than ever before. Alex and I have been dating for about six months now, but after spending five days straight camping with him I have learned some new things about him.

I think traveling as a couple can only make you stronger because you really do begin to know one another in a whole new light. You learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses. You may come to find somethings that you really like about your partner that you never even knew. Or you may find somethings that turn you away. Either way, all of these things are important to know about your partner when in a relationship.

Not only do your learn about traits specific to your partner, you also learn as a couple. Alex and I found out that when traveling together, we need to plan a bit more. We are both very easy going and sometimes indecisive, but in order to travel together we need to go with a plan in mind. In the future, we will plan our journeys a little bit more but never anything too set in stone — that is just not our style.

After spending five days camping around Northern Michigan, Alex and I have landed ourselves at work at a summer camp. With little internet access I will try my best at staying posted :)

Alex and I setting up our campfire at Leelanau State Park.

Alex and I setting up our campfire at Leelanau State Park.


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