Stay Healthy while Traveling!

One of the worst ways to ruin your travels is to be sick while on the road. It just puts a damper on everything, so in order to avoid catching a cold or just wearing down your body in general check out these general healthy traveling tricks (some are quite obvious, others not so much).

1. Eat Healthy. I know it is tempting while traveling to eat as cheap as possible, but that means your are most likely not getting enough protein, vitamins, fiber, etc. I like to keep to a tight budget while traveling without completing compromising my diet. A huge way to do this is to avoid going out for meals — if you can, cook and eat meals you make for yourself (most hostels have kitchens, something to check before booking your accommodation). Eggs, beans, fruits, and vegetables are good choices when cooking for yourself. While it is important to keep healthy, I also do suggest to try whatever the local foods are in the places you are visiting as part of a cultural experience.

2. Drink plenty of water. In some countries it is not safe to drink the water, so be sure you know where to get water that is safe to drink. It is very important to stay hydrated. When you become dehydrated, headaches often occur and your body becomes drained – not the best way to explore a new place.

3. Get lot of sleep. I often sleep on buses, trains, and planes when I travel, but it is important to realize you  need to get an adequate amount of sleep to maintain your health. Naps can be your best friend!

4. Supplement with vitamins. My favorite vitamin supplement is EmergenC, which is packed with vitamin C to boost your immune system.

5. Use Sunscreen/Chapstick. It is especially important to remember this when going to a new climate. It is not fun to be sun burnt specifically while traveling because it completely drains your mentality which affects your experience traveling.

6. On long plane/train/bus rides try to stretch your legs and avoid wearing tight bands on your cloths such as on socks to avoid muscle cramping and poor blood circulation.

7. Mind your alcoholic beverages. While it is often part of the traveling experience, binge drinking can lead to a lot of rough days of travel. Being hung over on a plane, train, or bus is not the most pleasant experience.



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