El Camino de Santiago / Reflection

It feels great to be back in Oviedo, SPAIN!

After two days of waiting, flying, and bus riding, I am finally back in Oviedo (I studied abroad here in Oviedo for a semester last year). A flight delay, a long wait for the bus in Madrid, a long bus ride, some confusion in finding my hostel, and finally not being able to connect with my Spanish friends last night put me in somewhat of a dapper mode, but things have changed today for the better! I have roamed the city a bit and found a cafe in which to get online and connect with some Spanish friends. We have planned to meet tonight for Sidra! Finally real Spanish cider! 

Now that I have been out and about in the city for a bit, it feels great to be back! Although I only will be here for a couple days until I leave for El Camino de Santiago, I am so happy to be back. It is like nothing has changed in the year that I have been gone. I am looking forward to seeing some of my old friends. Coincidentally, another girl who studied abroad here at the same time as I did is arriving tomorrow, so I will be able to see her as well.

At the moment I am in a cafe enjoying un cafe con leche y tortilla patata. Even though I’ve tried numerous times at home to make tortilla patata, it tastes nothing like it here! I am enjoying every sip and every bite. I am also reflecting on how I have changed since I was here last.

When I arrived in Spain last time, I was nervous, unsure of myself, and very unconnected with the world around me. Since then I like to think that I have grown, and I believe a good majority of that growth is from my experiences abroad. Now, I feel more confident with myself (my Spanish!), and I feel that I am able to accomplish anything I please.  (Although one downside to more confidence in my Spanish is that people like to talk back to me VERY FAST and often times I need to ask them to speak slower).

In the coming days I will have some time to meet up with old friends, but I will also be resting and preparing myself for my journeys on El Camino de Santiago. (pictures coming soon!)


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