El Camino de Santiago

Buen Camino!

Buen Camino!

So far things have been great. A lot of walking but not in a bad way! I am quite tired and need my rest, so I am going to make this quick. Yesterday, I left from Oviedo and stayed in San Juan de Villapanada. Along the way I met a group of three pilgrims (2 of which are pictured here). I was so happy to meet them, especially on my first day! They were extremely nice and welcoming – we walked together for almost the whole day. It also gave me plenty time to practice my Spanish. From San Juan de Villapanada I walked to Salas today. Staying in the albergues (pilgrim’s hostels) has been great, I have met a lot of awesome people. Two days and about 48 km in only 16 days and some odd km to go!


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