Review of Olympus TG-820 Camera – My “Travel Camera”

In the past, I have not had the best of luck with my digital cameras. I tend to be a little rough on my equipment. If I could get all of my things in the “tough” version, I would! In the past year I ended up buying the Olympus TG-820, which I now love! So far, it has been to Oregon, Washington, Spain, and all over Michigan. Through all of its travels it has been dropped and submerged more times than you would think. It also survived a big fall from the roof of my moving car. I definitely agree with the name “Tough” for this camera!

Some major positives for the Olympus TG-820:

-Good photo quality

-Quick pictures

-5x Zoom

-WATERPROOF to 10m (33 ft)

-SHOCKPROOF from 2m (6.6ft)

-Crushproof to 220 lbf

-Freeze proof to 14 F

-Dust proof (Great for the beach – no sand in the cracks)

Negatives for the Olympus TG-820:

-Lacks the GPS of other models

-When zoomed, photo quality declines

Overall, it has been the perfect camera for my lifestyle. I have been able to bring it places that other cameras simply can not go – kayaking, canoeing, tubing trips. Also, the “tough” feature is just convenient for travel, especially considering the last camera I had got a cracked screen while abroad, so I was reduced to blindly taking photos.

In addition to the camera itself there are some cool accessories that have been helpful. The floating camera strap allows me to go on the river trips without the worry of my camera sinking because even though it is waterproof, it is not sink proof (well with out the strap). This you can find cheap online. There are also cheap packages online that come with additional batteries, memory cards, car chargers, mini tri-pods, and the floating strap. These packages are definitely something to check out when looking into this camera.

Since I bought my camera, a new version has come out, the Olympus TG-830. While I love my camera, the TG-830 does have some nice additional features, especially the GPS and compass feature.


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