Where to next??

I have been back home for about two weeks now, and I am already getting the travel itch again. My journey along El Camino de Santiago in Spain was amazing — I learned so much about myself and others. Now that I am back to class, work, and the mundanity of everyday life, I just don’t know what to do with myself. I am ready for a new adventure away from home to expand my horizons yet again. 

Since this is my senior year of college, I have been pondering “what is next?” “where to next?” To be honest, there are so many opportunities that look quite appealing. My degree will be in Anthropology and Spanish — Directly after graduation, I plan on doing nothing with my degree at all but instead going to travel by working along the way. At the moment I don’t have my heart set on any specific place, but there are ideas floating around my mind. Recently, Alex and I have checked out the site Workaway which is quite appealing to the both of us.

To keep myself sane in the mean time I want to travel around and live life as much as possible while balancing my 16 credits, thesis project, two jobs, and a social life. Alex and I are thinking of heading to Canada for a weekend of camping, assuming our schedules allow us to. We are open to ideas of cheap snowboarding venues possibly in Canada or out West for Christmas Break or the week long break I have in February. If you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to share them!!

Stay posted for more travel tips and reviews! :)


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