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Favorite Moments: Barcelona, Spain

Favorite Moments: Barcelona, Spain

I could never get bored in the city of Barcelona; there is so much to do and so much to see. When I studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain I was able to go to Barcelona for a weekend, but that was just not enough time to see everything I wanted to see. I did make the most of it while I was there though!

Must see sights in Barcelona:

La Sagrada Familia: is a large Roman Catholic church designed by architect, Antoni Gaudí. Today, It is still under construction, even though the construction began 1882 — over a century ago! The massive building is very impressive rich with details including beautiful stain glass windows, high ceilings with supports designed as trees, and extravagant carvings surround each doorway. The pictures just do not do it justice!

The high ceilings of La Sagrada Familia

The high ceilings of La Sagrada Familia

Throughout the city there are other famous, must-see works by Antoni Gaudí: La Casa Pedrera and some of the designs in Parque Güell.

La Casa Pedrera: is a apartment building in which some people live today. There are also tours available for the public. One of the most interesting parts of the apartment building is the roof with great views including one of La Sagrada Familia.

The roof of Casa Pedrera

The roof of Casa Pedrera

Parque Güell: is famous for the amazing architecture and designs by Antoni Gaudí. It serves as an icon for the city with lizard sculpture, the longest bench in the world, and winding paths.

Crazy, fun pathways in Parque Güell.

Crazy, fun pathways in Parque Güell.

In addition to the works of Gaudí throughout the city, there is much more to see.

Boqueria Market: is a famous market in Barcelona that offers a wide variety of colorful, fresh foods.

There's fresh fruit, a variety of nuts and yummy chocolates

There’s fresh fruit, a variety of nuts and yummy chocolates

Las Ramblas: is a 1.2 mile stretch of street in the center of Barcelona with plenty of tourists and locals. A great place to go for any souvenirs and to see street performers.

In addition to the great sights to see during the day, the night life in Barcelona is very exciting! The nightlife is one of the main reasons I really love the city.

Razzmatazz: is a club in Barcelona, but it is not just any club. It has many different floors each with their own music and theme. There is something for everyone here! There is also an outside terrace. It really is a club that you can get lost in. And, of course it is open late!

A sea of people on the main floor in Razzmatazz

A sea of people on the main floor in Razzmatazz

We also went to a few other clubs while we were there. TIP: look for deals when going out in Barcelona. There are people out and about during the early night (10ish) advertising for their clubs. You can get great deals from these people; especially if you talk the price down! We went to three clubs, got a drink at each, and had a bus ride there all for 5 euros each! So don’t be afraid to talk to these people!!!!


4 thoughts on “Favorite Moments: Barcelona, Spain

  1. I studied abroad in Barcelona and now I’ve been living here for 2 years, and I still feel like there isn’t enough time to see everything! :) Montjuïc is also on my must-see list for visitors – did you get a chance to check it out?

    By the way, I went to Oviedo about a year ago. What a lovely place to study abroad!

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