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Happy Halloween: The Typical “American” Holiday

Halloween in the USA is a great excuse for kids to have plenty of candy, adults to have some spiked “witches brew,” and college students to party, get drunk, and dress slutty.

Since this is my Halloween as a college student, I am ready to enjoy it to the fullest. This Halloween season, I have already carved my pumpkin, made my costume, and visited a neighborhood that goes all out for Halloween.

Tillson is the street in Romeo, Michigan that has crazy decorations every year. As I was walking through, I wondered how this tradition began. No matter how it began, it makes for a great Halloween evening. A good portion of the sets even have moving parts for an added halloween spook!

"Grave yard" on Tillson street

“Grave yard” on Tillson street


I know how Americans celebrate Halloween – with booze, candy, and sluty outfits. But, have you been any where else for Halloween? What is the holiday like around the world?


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