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A Walk through Downtown Kalamazoo

A Walk through Downtown Kalamazoo

This past weekend, Alex and I went to Kalamazoo to visit some close friends. While we were in Kzoo, we went for a nice stroll through downtown. Kalamazoo is a nice little city with a selection of shops and boutiques, a handful of bars, and a hipster feel. There is also a variety of restaurants with really great food.

Crow’s Nest — is my type of cafe! There are plenty of vegetarian options available, and the food is beyond flavorful for affordable prices. We went for dinner, but since my favorite meal of the day is breakfast I decided to go for an omelet. I had the Caption’s Ratio omelet (substituted sausage for vegetarian sausage). The omelet also came with roasted red skin potatoes – YUM and your choice of bread. All of their bread is delicious – from sourdough to banana to zucchini and more. Also, the atmosphere is very nice – it is on the upper floor of an older building with a coffee shop underneath.

Water Street Coffee Joint

Water Street Coffee Joint

Water Street Coffee Roaster — is a tiny old building right in the middle of train tracks and two busy streets. There are multiple locations, and this one is quite interesting.  The interior is very small and modern, and with plenty of tea and coffee options available you can’t go wrong here! My favorite of the drinks I tried was seasonal — Cider Chai — Perfect for a chilly November day. Right across the street is Bell’s Brewery, which is well know for their Oberon Beer.

The Beer Exchange, Kalamazoo MI

The Beer Exchange, Kalamazoo MI

Beer Exchange— is a fun and exciting way to drink beer at a bar. The beer prices work like the stock market. As more people buy a specific beer, the price goes up. When less people buy that beer, the price goes down. There are also “market crashes” when prices are at an all time low. It is a great way to get cheap beer, and it is also a lot of fun when you get into it. Along with the beer, there is good food. I went for my guilty pleasure of Fried Pickles and Specialty mac and cheese. The food was good, but the fun atmosphere is what people keep going back for.

Overall, I was very impressed with the downtown area of Kalamazoo. There is plenty to do, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to explore more of the city! Do you have any favorite restaurants/bars/cafes in Kalamazoo?


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