Travel Bloggers and Travel Twitter Chats

I have begun to realize the importance of connecting with fellow travelers. Connecting makes it possible to help one another out by simply sharing advice. This could be as small as saving a couple of bucks here and there or getting to experience something you would have never knew even existed.

Some of my favorite chats to share information with other travel aficionados:

#WeGoSolo — Wednesdays at 11:00am EST — specifically for women traveling alone. Bringing awareness to safe travel for women!

#TRAVEX — Wednesdays at 5pm EST

#TNI (TravelersNightIn)– Thursdays at 3:30-5pm EST

#Travelskills — Fridays at noon EST

#SBTC (SundayBrunchTravelChat) — Sundays at noon EST

I have also become a regular reader of some great blogs, which are always inspiring me to write about my travel experiences. I have also picked up some great travel tricks and tips from other bloggers out there.

The Little Backpacker — is actually a good friend of mine who I met working at a summer camp in Norther Michigan. I later was able to visit her in London, England. She recently spend time traveling/working in Australia and Southeast Asia. I love to keep up with what she has been up to over the years!
Jesse Sharratt — Always awe inspiring photos!
Travel MerIT — Blog on Travel and Technology, useful information for any traveler
Those Who Wander — Loads of information on many travel destinations
Beers and Beans — Great couple travel blog


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