Anthropology / Reflection

Chicago Bound

This weekend is the annual American Anthropological Association Conference in Chicago, IL. This year, I have the great opportunity to be a part of it. As a senior studying Anthropology and Spanish, this is going to give me better insight into the field of Anthropology. There is actually a session on pilgrimage, which I have recently done some of my own research on. I am really looking forward to that!

Myself and seven other students from the Anthropology Club at Oakland University are heading down early tomorrow morning. As an officer in the club, I have spend plenty of time organizing this for our group — between funding, accommodation, and general coordination of people this project has become my baby. I can not wait to finally arrive tomorrow!

To prepare, I have reviewed the different sessions available, and I have noted the ones in which I am interested in going to. I am already packed with a travel bag full of business casual clothing – I actually just happened to come across Conference Chic, or How to Dress Like an Anthropologist. Our group will be staying at a hostel and taking public transportation around the city. I have actually decided to leave my macbook behind, so I can focus on the opportunity at hand, network with others, and fully take in my surroundings

Although I have spent a lot of time in Chicago already, I am excited to go back for the weekend. Chicago was the first big city I had every spent an amount of time in since it isn’t too far from my home. I already have some of my favorite restaurants and parks in mind.

Stay posted for additional reviews, tips, and tricks from Chicago!


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