Hostel Review: Urban Holiday Lofts, Chicago

I came across Urban Holiday Lofts on, which is a go-to hostel finder site for me.

Front desk of Urban Holiday Lofts

Front desk of Urban Holiday Lofts

We chose Urban Holiday lofts because for this trip we wanted a private five-bed room. Since we were going for a conference, we wanted the extra privacy because we knew we would be up early each morning. (I usually stay in the dorm-styled rooms when available!).

The location was also very nice for Chicago. I have heard some bad things about hostels in Chicago, so I was careful when booking this one. It was in the cute suburb of Wicker Park, and also a easy trek on the “L” (Chicago’s metro) into the city center. It is about a 5 minute walk to the blue line station which takes you directly downtown in about a half hour.

The price was very reasonable! It was just over $60 for three nights over the weekend. Hostel rates tend to be more expensive in the United States compared to Europe. I think this is because the hostels in the US try to be too much like hotels. I prefer the cheaper hostel with fewer amenities.

Fun mural of the world where people can mark where they have come from

Fun mural of the world where people can mark where they have come from

Great perks at Urban Holiday Lofts: free breakfast (we left to early to get the free breakfast), free wifi, free linens and towels, free lockers, free parking, security card rooms, common area (with pool table), discounted tickets and tours. Also, on the website it is written that there is free CTA transportation. I would like to note that urban holiday lofts only reimburses the amount you spent getting into and out of the city, not daily transportation. I was a little disappointed by this; it is not communicated well on the website.


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