7 Gifts for Travelers!

It is known to many that it is hard to shop for travelers. All they really want is a flight around the world or a couple nights stay at a hostel in Budapest. At least in my experience, travelers have a hard time figuring out what they want for Christmas because all they really want is to see the world. But there are things that make seeing the world just a little bit easier, which also make great Christmas presents…

1. Kindle, $69-$229 – The Kindle makes a great gift for all travelers. I have plain jane kindle touch, but I love it. I bring mine on the road with me, and I am provided with endless reading and word games for long plane rides. I can connect to any wifi. If need be, I can also download travel guides of certain cities or countries. This makes it much easier to make sure not to miss sights that I want to see. The Kindle provides more access to internet, movies, and options beyond just reading.

2. Ipod Touch, $229-$399 – My Ipod touch is quite out of date and will need to be replaced quite readily, but I use it on every trip. I have decided not to join the smart phone generation because I use my Ipod touch for the same things I would use an Iphone for. To keep in touch with my family and friends while I am traveling I use viber, skype, Facebook messaging, and twitter. Plus, I can keep up with my blog! The Ipod touch is a better option for me (and other travelers) because I can not be charged for out-of-country use with the Ipod touch. This is a great gift for the techy-travler on  your list.

3. Smartwool Socks, $13-$27/pair — I first bough smartwool socks for my trek along El Camino de Santiago until then, I never realized how much of a difference socks could make. These socks are perfect for the one who is on the road for long periods of time. I also just got a pair of snowboarding smartwool socks, AMAZING! They control moisture and temperature for long-lasting comfort and are easily hand-washed. I only had three pairs for three full weeks, wearing them in rotation, hand-washing them every other night with Dr. Bronner’s soap.

4. ENO DoubleNest Hammock and Slap Straps, $70 and $20 — I got my hammock this past spring and have been able to use it in many situations. Alex and I camped up north in Michigan for a week using only our hammocks. I also used it at the summer camp I worked at. The light build is perfect for backpacking. The Rain Fly makes a great additional gift with the hammock!

ENO set up with Rain fly over looking Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes

ENO set up with Rain fly over looking Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes

5. World Scratch Map, $25 — The world scratch-off map makes a great present for travelers who are going to be stationary for a bit. It is a great way to remember travels by marking off the countries they have already been.

6. Passport Cover, $20 — As girly as it seems, I use a vera bradley passport cover, but there are  many passport cover options out there for anyone on your list. Of late, I have heard more about covers that conceal your identify from those trying to swipe your credentials through regular covers. These passport covers have additional measures to conceal your information, which may be something to look into. Either way, a passport cover is a great way for a traveler to stay organized! (I could no longer find the one I have on the Vera Bradley sight but it is still on Amazon)

7. 4-in-1 Adapter, $25 — “4 plugs, 1 adapter, 150 countries!” Perfect for easy power adapting all over the world. With the huge influx of travel electrons, any traveler on your list could make use of this adapter!

I hope this helps for your holiday shopping this season. Do you have any holiday gift ideas for travelers?


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