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Winter in Michigan

Snowboarding in Michigan

Growing up in Michigan has given me the best of all four seasons! Each spring we are greeted with bright blooming flowers. We have beautiful summers that are not too hot, and I always spend way too much time at the beach. We have crisp autumns with color-changing leaves. We even have snowy winters perfect for winter sports.

Overall, there are 6,500 miles of snowmobiling trails and 3,000 miles of cross-country ski trails. There is a variety of resorts for snowboarding and downhill skiing. Many lakes for ice-fishing and ice-skating. So, get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Michigan winter!!

Great places to experience the beautiful snowy winters in Michigan include…

Caberfae Peaks– Each year, I go here to enjoy great deals on lift tickets through lifttopia  (an awesome site for lift ticket deals all across North America). This resort has two peaks and a back-country section. For Michigan, it is a nice place for the price. Trips up north are just getting me to the point in which I can find enough time to go snowboard out west!

Yesterday's sunset over Caberfae's South Peak

Yesterday’s sunset over Caberfae’s South Peak

Muskegon Sports Complex— I grew up going cross-country skiing here, but it is still one of my favorite places. They boast a variety of winter sports including: luge, ice skating, cross-country skiing, snow-shoing, and sledding. There are rentals for all of the sports at the complex. The ice rink here is a little bit different (and more fun) than your typical rink. There is a large open section, but there is also a section of paths through the woods that are iced over.

Big M Cross Country Ski Trails— Through the years, I have cross-country skied at many places in Michigan. The Big M has a great variety of trails from beginner to advanced levels. The Manistee area also has a cute downtown area, fun for the family.

Shanty Creek— A complete winter adventure resort with snowboarding/skiing, cross-country skiing, and snow tubing. Single lift tickets can be expensive here. Be careful to look for package deals, which are a great value! When I go snowboarding, I generally do not stay at the resort itself, but I suggest to do so here. You are able to strap on your board and snowboard to the lifts. There are also pools and hot tubs kept warm enough for winter use, perfect for snowboard soreness!!

Through the tunnel that led from our hotel to the lift at Shanty Creek.

Through the tunnel that led from our hotel to the lift at Shanty Creek.

Michigan Upper Peninsula— The upper peninsula is a long drive, but it also is home to some great snowboarding/skiing. There is a variety of resorts, which are perfect during the Michigan winters because there is so much snow that far north.


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