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Theres an App for That! (Travel Apps)

Theres an App for That!

My Ipod Touch has become an essential electronic device when I travel. I am still sometime astounded by what it can do! Recently, I had to reset my Ipod touch because I was no longer able to use many of the apps that I wanted to. WOW, am I glad I did that! Not only are many apps great for travel, but for travel blogging as well!

Great General Travel Apps:

Hostelworld – Looking for a hostel whilst on the go? Just book it through hostelworld via an app enabled device. Reviews from other travelers make it easy to find the perfect hostel for you!

Skyscanner – similar to the online version. Find flights for great prices! (there are some other flight-finding apps that my Ipod is to old to support — part of the reason why I am thinking of getting a newer version)

Viber – great for keeping in touch with people who are not in the same country as you are. No fees, just free international calling and texting. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Whatsapp – another great communication app. Allows you to message anyone, anywhere. Very similar to Facebook messaging.

XE Currency – a basic conversion app and free!

City Walks – a downloadable catalogue of city maps specific in nature. There is a variety that are free to download, others charge a small fee.


Rick Steves – one of the best travel apps I have yet used! My mother actually introduced me to this app. You can download different “tours,” some free others not (we only used free ones). They explain the details of a site that would generally be down by a tour guide. We used these downloadable tours at Notre Dame in Paris and St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City. Using this app you can learn things about the city that you wouldn’t be able to point out on your own.

Untappd – A beer connoisseur app. With a large list of craft beers and breweries, it is a perfect app for finding a new beer in a new place. You can also keep track of which beers you have tried, earning “beer awards” as you go.


Games – an assortment of games for long bus, train, car, plane rides. I try to avoid using my times to sitting on my iPod, but occasionally I resort to a little gaming. Words with friends is my favorite.

Apps Great for Travel Blogging:

I use a variety of apps to keep up with my blog including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course WordPress. It is great to have these easily accessible to maintain my blog while I am on the go.

I know there are still a lot of apps out there that would make traveling just a little bit easier. What are your favorite travel apps?


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