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Bazaars of Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey -- The Spice Bazar

I absolutely fell in love with all of the bright colors and warms smells of the spice bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey (pictured above). There were rows and rows of varied spices and yummy treats. I bought a little bit of raspberry tea to bring home for my best friend and current roommate.

The Grand Bazaar was incredible! It is one of the world’s five largest markets. Walking through the isles is like exploring an intricate labyrinth of beautiful tapestries, interesting trinkets, and amazing fabrics.

One of the many entrances to the Grand Bazaar

One of the many entrances to the Grand Bazaar

I came home with a small Alladin-looking lamp that burns on oil; it is one of my favorite treasures. I also bought a beautiful blue, green, and black scarf that I wear all the time.

That being said, I am not a big fan of buying a lot of souvenirs, but at the time, Turkey was the most exotic place I have been to. But, keep in mind — if you are going to buy souvenirs at the Grand Bazaar or any other market, make sure to bargain to get great deals!


3 thoughts on “Bazaars of Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Love the colors! Will visit in a couple of weeks. Any tip where the best place to exchange dollars for Turkish Lira? Thanks!

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