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First Day in Daytona Beach!

First Day in Daytona Beach!

I usually stay away from “party” type trips and touristy travel destinations, but this week marks my senior year spring break. A group of girls an I headed down to the (kinda) sunny beaches of Florida to celebrate.

We arrived yesterday around noon. The weather was a bit disappointing, and everyone was quite tired. But as the night progressed, things got a bit more relaxed. Once we flew into the airport, we picked up our rental car and headed to the time-share we were staying in. (I would usually recommend relying on public transportation as opposed to getting a rental car, but in this case it worked out. We have a lot of girls and some exciting “extra” trips planned). In order to save money with groceries, we went shopping as soon as we were settled since we have a full kitchen in the timeshare (Look for full kitchens when traveling to save money on going out for dinner all the time!).

Street view from our timeshare -- loving the palm trees!

Street view from our timeshare — loving the palm trees!

Last night we went to a small little Mexican restaurant called Tia Cori’s Tacos. It was great – great deals and a cute outside terrace! Perfect to enjoy the warm nights of Daytona (well in comparison to Michigan!). The food was quite authentic and the atmosphere was lively.

Later in the evening a few of us went down for a stroll on the beach. I love the salty smell and bright lights of the pier off in the distance (pictured above in an “abstract” kinda way). It was not a bad way to start our Florida vacation.

The tide making its way in

The tide making its way in

Stay posted! More to come on what to do in Daytona :)


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