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Top 3 Easter Fair Foods in Prague!

Top 3: Easter Fair Food in Prague!

It is that time of year; Easter fairs will soon be in full swing again. It is at this time that I am reminded of my Easter time travels in Eastern Europe. The thing that sticks out most in my mind is the Easter fairs in Prague, Czech Republic.

My top three foods from the Easter fair:
1. Trdelnik – a cylindrical pastry that is served warm and topped with cinnamon, nuts, and sugar. They can be found in Prague and some times in Slovakia. (pictured above)

2. Langoše – a deep fried simple flatbread made of flour, yeast, and salt. It is then topped with a garlic butter, cheese, and ketchup. It sounds a bit odd, but I absolutely loved it!


3. Honey Wine – a sweet honey wine served warm. It is super tasty and sweet, but one cup is enough because it is so sweet!



Overall the Easter fairs in Prague are great! There is amazing food, impressive dancing, and fun souvenirs to find.




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