My Adventures

On my way to Lexington, Kentucky

As of right now, I am on my way to Lexington, Kentucky. I am actually making my way down to present my Honors Thesis project at the National Undergraduate Research Conference, held at the University of Kentucky this year. The University of Kentucky was founded in 1865, has almost 30,000 students, and are also called the wildcats. Since University of Kentucky is still a contestant to win the NCAA March Madness tournament, I am excited to see the school enthusiasm on campus this weekend.

I am not sure what all is in store for me this weekend. I am going down with a couple other students and the director of the Honors College, so I am just going with the flow on this trip. Recently, I have discovered that I am a big proponent of traveling by myself. This group trip should prove interesting since it will have an itinerary that is not my own.

Lexington is the horse capital of the world, but I am not so sure that I will be able to make a visit to the Keenland Horse Tracks or The Kentucky Horse Park. I am hoping to visit Lexington Public Library with a ceiling clock and Foucault pendulum. Kentucky is also known for a variety of bourbon distilleries, craft to some of the largest bourbon producers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.38.53 PM

Stay tuned for more on my trip Lexington, Kentucky!


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