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Keenland: A Day at the Horse Races

Keenland: A Day at the Horse Races

Keenland is a well known thoroughbred horse race track in Lexington, Kentucky. The races go on during April and October. We visited this past Saturday, which was the opening weekend for this spring.

Keenland opened in 1936 and is known for racing and selling thoroughbred horses. Entrance to the races is only five dollars, but once inside you can bid on the horses. Depending on how well you choose, this could be a profitable event or a very discouraging one.

Keenland race track

Keenland race track

Many horses are also sold here through auction. This past year the most expensive horse sold at Keenland was for 4 million dollars. Through history, the most expensive horse sold at Keenland was 13 million. As you can see, horses can be a huge investment, but if you invest correctly, many millions can be made off of one horse. If you are interested in spending and then potentially making millions, the next horse auction is tomorrow (April 6, 2014). About 150 horses will be sold in just a four hour time span.

Each horse is brought onto the stage whilst the description of the horse is read aloud. Each seat in the audience of the auctioning room has a name on it for those investors who come frequently. Although there are names on the seats, many of the investors send agents to go in their place or bid by phone. In addition to those in the audience, more bidders can find room behind the stage.

The interior of the auction room at Keenland

The interior of the auction room at Keenland

Tailgating for horse races? Yes, it happens. There were buses lined up with students dressed in suites and ties for the guys and summer dresses for the girls. Oh, and don’t forget the many cowboy hats and cowboy boots. It was full-on tailgating with plenty of beer, food, and corn hole in parking lots and grass lots.

Although the culture around the horse races is exciting and enticing, I can’t help but to feel bad for the poor animals being exploited. In addition, the amount one can make from investing in thoroughbred horses is absolutely ridiculous.


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