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A tour of University of Kentucky: NCAA Championship Game Tonight!

A tour of University of Kentucky: NCAA Championship Game Tonight!

I spent a couple of days at the University of Kentucky just last week. What an exciting time to be touring campus with the anticipation of the coming basketball games. Saturday night the University of Kentucky won in the semi-final match against University of Wisconsin 74-73, and what a close game it was. The win Saturday night allowed University of Kentucky into the NCAA Championship game. On Saturday, the bars around campus were setting up outside viewing areas for the evenings events. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay an additional night to watch the big game.


Tonight they are competing for the NCAA 2014 March Madness Championship against University of Connecticut. The game starts at 9 and will be played in Texas.The Wildcats now compete within the Southeastern conference (SEC), and the athletic department is best known for its quality basketball. University of Kentucky was placed as an 8th seed in the Midwest conference and are now in a very good position to win – I will be cheering for them tonight as they face University of Connecticut.


Since I happened to be at the University of Kentucky for a conference this past week, I was able to have a look around campus to see what the Wildcats are all about. I was impressed with the campus, and Lexington is quite an exciting urban area. The university opened in 1865 and has grown since.  The Main Building (pictured below) is the oldest building on campus, dedicated in 1882.



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