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Iconic Statues of Bratislava

Iconic Statues of Bratislava

In Bratislava, there are a couple of statues around the city which have become well known to tourists. The most famous of these statues is probably the Cumil (the watcher) – pictured above. There is also the French Army Solider, Schoener Naci (Beautiful Ignaz), and the Paparazzi. When visiting Bratislava, make it a goal to find these statues while exploring (some of them are harder to find than others!!).

All of these statues are a bit quirky and have their own personalities. Wandering the city, I also came across a couple of the less known quirky statues of Bratislava including the one pictured below. The city is a fun place to explore with small side streets lined with interesting shops and cafes in every direction.



What is the quirkiest statue you have come across in your travels?




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