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Planning a Trip to Puerto Rico

Planning a Trip to Puerto Rico

In less than a week, I will be enjoying the lovely Puerto Rican sun! This trip is actually my graduation present from my mother, so she and I will be exploring the island together.

We will be flying out of the Chicago airport. Whenever we go into Chicago we have gotten into the habit of taking a train in as opposed to driving to avoid high parking prices and crazy driving. The easiest train to take for us (from Michigan) is the South Shore Line out of Indiana – its cheap and usually on time!

Once in Puerto Rico we have plans to head to the smaller island of Vieques (off the East side of the main island). There we have plans to go kayaking in the bioluminescent bay and snorkeling! Be on the look out for reviews.

For accommodation we booked using airbnb. It is a site where people can list rooms or apartments for rent, and then travelers can connect with these people to book the room or apartment. We also used this site to find a space in Paris – it was great!

We will then be spending our last few nights in San Juan. Stay posted for different reviews, tips, and tricks with regards to traveling to Puerto Rico!

(the photo above can be found at mapsofworld)


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