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One Night Stay: A Review of the Ceiba Country Inn

One Night Stay: A Review of the Ceiba Country Inn

A nice little bed and breakfast tucked up in the foothills of Northeastern Puerto Rico. In the evening, you can hear frogs (the infamous coqui). It is almost as if they are performing a concert for their assumed listeners.

There are about ten rooms, simple yet perfect in their simplicity. The bed and breakfast’s owner, Michael, is very friendly and accommodating.


My favorite part of this hotel is the balcony, a great place to look out to the ocean and be social. We had some great conversations over a couple of beers with a couple from Spain and a couple from Boston. Both were very interesting and each had their own story to tell. The bed and breakfast also has a few dogs wandering about. They are very friendly – I happened to steal one’s chair, and he became my best friend for the evening.



Breakfast is included in the price of the stay – coffee, tea, homemade bread, fruit, and cereal.


This is a great place to stay!! Some downsides though – it would be difficult to get here via public transportation (you really need a rental car) and there is really not hot water. Overall I would highly recommend the Ceiba Country Inn!


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