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Island Time on Vieques

Island Time on Vieques

Tuesday, I arrived on the island of Vieques, a smaller island northeast of the mainland of Puerto Rico. Although this island is a part of Puerto Rico, it has a very different feel. Everyone knows everyone, it is away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and they rely on island time.

I understand why people fall in love with this place and then move here. It is beautiful, everyone is friendly, and its relaxing.

I have only been here two days, and I already feel at home. Spending some time at the locals’ bar has really made my experience here better. I already have waved hi to a few people I “know.”

I can’t explain why the time passes by so slow here, but it feels as if I have already done so much on the island, yet I still have two and a half more days here.

So, why visit Vieques?
1. Island time, its a great place to relax
2. Friendly people
3. Snorkeling!
4. Good restaurants (and good drinks!)
5. Beautiful ocean views

If you are looking for a place to escape for just a little bit (or for the rest of your life), consider Vieques in Puerto Rico! (US citizens don’t even need a passport). Reviews and tips about traveling the island to come!


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