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Where do you claim to come from?

Where do you claim to be from?

I liked to people watch. Last night, we found ourselves at the locals’ bar, and I overheard a couple of strangers meeting for the first time. One asked the other “where do you claim to come from?”

Many people living on Vieques have some crazy story about how they fell in love with the island and then moved here. There are others that claim ancestry here since the 1600s.

The people who have recently moved to the island all seem to have their reasons for doing so, but I have to wonder are these their real stories or just the stories they “claim.”

It also occurred to me that this phenomena could be very similar to travelers. When you move to a new place or travel you can claim to have any background and be from anywhere. It made me think –  While traveling, do you ever explain yourself as someone other than yourself?

I am pretty dang open when it comes to telling my story while traveling (although sometimes I think about claiming to be from Canada as opposed to the USA).


4 thoughts on “Where do you claim to come from?

  1. Working in a hostel I’m pretty sure people reinvent themselves when travelling – especially around different groups of people! The stories always change!

  2. The only thing for me is I have to really broaden where I’m from if telling people who aren’t from the UK. I am from Leeds (where?), in Yorkshire (where?), up north (is that near London?) no it’s about 4 hours north of London (yeah but…do you know the Queen?!)

    Although weirdly in New York two (separate) locals asked where we were from, not only had they heard of Leeds (city) and Yorkshire (region), one had been to Leeds and another had friends in a smaller, neighbouring town! So bizarre!

    • I totally understand that. A lot of people have no idea where Muskegon is. Even people from the US haven’t really heard of it.

      But, that is also true. As you continue to travel, you meet more people who have also traveled. Maybe to your home town? The world only gets smaller as you travel more :)

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