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Favorite Restaurants of Mainland Puerto Rico

Favorite Restaurants of Mainland Puerto Rico

San Juan:

Cafeteria Mallorca– (pictured above) This cafe is known for its panini-like breakfast sandwiches, mallorcas. You can choose from cheese, egg, and ham (or any combination). After being cooked to perfection, powdered sugar is sprinkled on top. Pair this with a cafe con leche for a great start to the day.




El Patio de Sam– Large menu with assorted choices from local favorites to American dishes. The mofongo was great and is a must-try while in Puerto Rico! The drinks were also very tasty, but overall on the expensive side for me.




Old Harbor Brewery and Restaurant – I am a sucker for breweries, so of course I had to make a stop at Old Harbor Brewery since it is the ONLY microbrewery on the island. I got a flight of beers. To my surprise, I really liked the Pale Ale. Generally, a pale ale would not be my first choice, but the Old Harbor Pale Ale was full of flavor that complimented the slight hoppyness of the beer. We also got the Tata’s Pizza, which had a great blend of mozzarella, tomato, and pesto on tasty crust.




Kasalta – A bustling cafe near the Ocean Park part of San Juan. There is a full assortment of sandwiches, cheeses, wines, pastries, and other sweets. I was excited to find some tortilla espanola (even if it wasn’t quite up to par with the tortilla I’ve had in Spain) and a good cafe con leche. Kasalta also received a visit from President Obama just a few years ago.

Outside of San Juan:

Lolita’s Mexican Restaurant – located in Luquillo, Lolita’s is known for it’s large Margaritas. The service here was great – our waitress was extremely friendly. The menu is full of good choices, and portions are big.



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