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Founder’s Brewery, Grand Rapids

Founder's Brewery, Grand Rapids

Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the best known breweries from Michigan. I was first introduced to their beer at Blissfest (a Michigan music festival) last summer. Finally, I made it back to their actually brewery with some great friends.

The Beer:
— Red’s Rye IPA: 6.6% Full of hoppy bitterness with a citrus-carmel flavor blend.
— Pale Ale: 5.4% Medium bodied pale ale full of citrus aromas and flavors.
— Dirty Bastard: 8.5% A rich beer full of smokey flavors. This beer has attitude and was my beer choice for the evening.
— Solid Gold: 4.2% A light beer, easy to drink
— Rubaeus: 5.7% Amazingly sweet, raspberry beer. Perfect for the warm summer months.
— Backwoods Bastard: 10.2% A full bodied beer with a smokey bourbon barrel flavor perfectly mixed with a coffee taste. I really enjoyed this beer, but it definitely falls on the dessert beer end of the spectrum.

*Founder’s has plenty more beers than those listed above. Those are just the ones I have tried, guess I need to go back for more!



The Atmosphere
Founder’s is one of the largest breweries that I have been to. There is plenty of seating both inside and out. You can order drinks at one of the multiple bars or a server will come to your table, but food you have to order at the food window. Overall, great atmosphere – relaxed and perfect for a good time with great friends.



Tip for beer with friends: 
It is obnoxious when everyone is on their phones while on an evening or night out. To solve this problem, we stacked all of our phones in the center of the table. The first person to touch their phone was to buy the next round of beer. Problem Solved.



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