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Heading to Silver Lake for the Weekend

Silver Lake is a local’s place in Michigan – people come to relax, ride the dunes, spend time with family/friends, and (of course) drink some beer!

This weekend will be no exception.

Silver Lake State Park is known for its epic dune riding! Every time I go it is a crazy adventure with friends. In Michigan, we are proud of our beautiful sandy beaches and giant dunes. Silver Lake has made this natural wonder a paradise for the adventurer at heart.

In order to ride the dunes you need a capable vehicle such as a Jeep or dune buggy. You can drive your own or rent from Silver Lake Dune Buggies, Pirate’s Landing, or Wild Bill’s ATV Rentals.

There is also an option to go on a dune ride/tour through Mac Wood’s Dune Rides – definitely fun for the WHOLE FAMILY!

Along with fun sand-roaming vehicles, Silver Lake has plenty of boating and camping options available. There are plenty of water sport rental options through Wave Club and Parrot’s Landing. Camping can be found around the area – Silver Lake Resort and Campground, Jellystone Park, Hideaway Campground, and Sandy Shores to name a few.

So, if you are looking for a great MICHIGAN adventure this summer – head to Silver Lake for some off-roading in the amazing dunes of Lake Michigan!! I’ll be waiting ;)



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