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Limoncello in Sorrento, Italy

Limoncello in Italy

Mmmmm…. enjoying a sweet lemon liquor made in Southern Italy. Limoncello is the second most popular liqueur in Italy and becoming more popular in the United States, the UK, and Australia – with no surprise!

Limoncello is usually served as an after dinner digestivo. Along the Amalfi Coast, it is usually served in a chilled shot glass, but can be increasingly found else where in Italy.


In Sorrento, Italy I had the pleasure of walking through the lemon groves where the deletable liqueur is made. Giardini de Cataldo in Sorrento is a great place to try lemoncello straight from the lemon groves. If you are headed to the Italian coast, don’t miss out on the lovely lemoncello!

Cheers to Limoncello!!

Cheers to Limoncello!!

Click here for more about planning a trip to Sorrento.


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