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How to Make a Great Travel First Aid Kit

How to Make a Great Travel First Aid Kit

As you travel, you may run into unexpected things, and it is best to be prepared. This first aid kit supplies the basic needs. This would not be extensive enough for a backpacking trek through the wildness for example. All of the items on this list can be found at your local pharmacy. It is also important to have a good working knowledge of first aid. I have been First-aid/CPR/AED/Lifeguard certified for the past seven years and continue to do re-certifications. Check out your local Red Cross for First-aid classes.

I used a plastic peanut butter jar for my container. It is a great size and quite durable (plus FREE!).

The must haves:

Assorted sizes of bandaids – very simple but bandaids can be a life saver from small splinters to keeping cuts clean.

Alcohol prep pads – necessary for cleaning cuts before bandaging!

Sterile gauze pad – good to have one or two just in case to stop bleeding

Triple Antibiotic Ointment – put on a cut AFTER CLEANING and before the bandaid to keep the germs out.

Adhesive Tape – comes in handy for example taping hurt fingers/toes together, keeping a stubborn bandaid on, holding gauze on.

Allergy tablets (such as Benadryl) – You may not be “allergic” to anything, but you never now what new (possible allergen) you may come across in your travel. These are just good to have.

Imodium tablets – Diarrhea/Gas Relief (thankfully I haven’t had to use any of these)

Painkillers – More than likely you will experience some sort of pain in your travels. I have a small bottle of these just for that reason.

Small scissors – for cutting adhesive tape or gauze

Painkillers, Phenylephrine, allergy tablets, Imodium tablets

Painkillers, Phenylephrine, allergy tablets, Imodium tablets

Bandaids, gauze, alcohol prep pads, adhesive tape, small scissors

Bandaids, gauze, alcohol prep pads, adhesive tape, small scissors



Phenylephrine – nasal decongestant, helps with that obnoxious stuffy nose

– Hydrocortisone cream – itch relief, good for bug bites or small rashes

Radio Salil (like Bengay or Icyhot) – relief of muscular and joint pain. I picked up the radio salil in Spain, and it has become my best friend for back pain.

Moleskin – some people may want this for trips with a lot of walking. I brought some when I walked El Camino de Santiago, but I preferred other methods of dealing with blisters (like the french way of threading some string through the blister to let it drain out or just down-right popping them).

Tweezers – you may want these to pull out any splinters

Water purification tablets – depends on where you are going, but your body may react to whatever is in the water just because it is different than what you are used to at home. I have been okay without them for the travel I have done so far but would suggest using them in some countries.

Motion-sickness medicine – if you are prone to sea-sickness, airplane-sickness, train-sickness, I highly suggest having this with you.




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