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Israel Plans

This week is going to be a busy one, and I am beyond excited for the coming adventures.

Tomorrow, I am off to Chicago for my Peace Corps interview. I am staying one evening there and then headed back to my home town.

Friday, I leave for Israel. I am working on an archaeological dig at Tel Lachish. During the weeks, I will be digging and participating in the dig in others ways.

The daily dig schedule will go something like this:
4:30 am – wake up
5:00 am – digging begins with breaks until 12:45
1:00 pm – back to the hostel
1:45 pm – Lunch
Relax/nap until 4 pm
4:00 pm – pottery washing & pottery reading
7:00 pm – lecture Monday-Wednesday
8:00 pm – dinner

How did I get the opportunity to work on an archaeological dig? Well – I recently graduated with a degree in Anthropology from Oakland University, and this dig program is open to any Oakland student with an interest in archeology. Oakland University has had a partnership with this dig for the past couple of years. A big portion of the funding comes from Oakland University itself and from outside donations. Out of pocket the cost for the dig was less than $2,000 which includes OU credits, plane tickets, dig fees, transportation, some meals, and accommodation on weekends away from the dig site. I am extremely excited to have this great opportunity.

The weekend trips include:
– Tel Megido
– Beit Alpha
– Beth Shean ruins
– A boat trip on the Kinneret
– Masada
– Ein Gedi Nature Park/hot springs
– A long weekend in Jerusalem
– Herodium

This is the first time I am working on an archaeological dig, and I am eager to learn and experience. The hopes for this dig is to encounter Iron Age 1/11, the time of King David. This trip will also benefit my future hopes for my career. As of now, my specific interest in anthropology is religion and religious tourism, so Israel is an ideal place for me to visit.

Stay posted for more travel information on Israel!!


6 thoughts on “Israel Plans

  1. Wow. You have quite a trip ahead of you. I am a freshman with future aspirations in the field of anthropology/archaeology (and the Peace Corp to boot!), and I can only hope to be where you are in a couple of years. Good luck!

  2. Fantastic chance – glad, you’re taking the opportunity! And that dig schedule sounds intense, but somehow familiar. Enjoy your time in the field!

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