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Packed and Ready to work on an Archaeological dig in Israel

Packed and Ready to work on an Archaeological dig in Israel

I am flying out of Windsor, Canada tomorrow for Israel to volunteer on an archaeological dig. Considering I have never worked on a dig before, figuring out what to pack was a bit perplexing. I had packing lists to consult, and of course I added somethings and didn’t include somethings. Anyway, here is what I came up with for a month long trip to Israel to work on a dig at Lachish. We will also be going on weekend trips to cities, so I accounted for that as well. Overall, I feel that I have packed on the heavy side (at least for me).

– Shoes (Keens – for digging, Chacos – for wandering the cities, a cheap pair of flip-flops that I have no attachment to).
– pants (2 pair long pants, 2 skirts, 2 pair shorts)
– 2 long dresses (some religious sites require your legs to be completely covered)
– shirts (2 light long sleeve, 3 light t-shirts, 4 tank-tops)
– dig shirts (4 cotton t-shirts that I have no attachment to)
– dig shorts (2 pair of light shorts)
– two sets of clothes to sleep in
– underwear/bras/socks
– 2 bathing suits

– macbook air and charger
– iPod touch and charger
– camera and charger
– kindle
– 2 plug adapters and 1 converter
– alarm clock

Personal items:
– small make-up bag
– toothbrush and paste
– shampoo/condition/body wash
– sunscreen (it is extremely expensive in Israel, so this is a must)
– my home made travel first aid kit
– Dr. Bronner’s soap – for hand washing clothes
– playing cards
– Travel journal


– passport
– credit cards
– Travel insurance
– regular insurance
– cash money

Dig stuff:
– four pairs of garden gloves (preventing blisters!)
– wide rimmed hat
– sunglasses
– bottle opener (never know when you are going to need that)
– pens/pencils/highlighters
– quad ruled journal (5:1)

And all of this will be in my large Gregory bag and small Osprey bag. For more information on how I got this opportunity to work on an archaeological dig, check this out!


&& Of course, follow me for more about my experience working on an archaeological dig!


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