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Three days on the Dig in Lachish, Israel

Three days on the Dig in Lachish, Israel

Days one, two, and three on the dig have been great so far! We arrived at our hostel on Sunday morning, were given a little bit of time to settle in, and then sent to work at Tel Lachish (photo above is the view from the top of Tel Lachish). Once at the dig site we were graced with the site director’s presence as he gave an overview of the site. We made the climb to the area in which we would dig for the next three weeks. Soon we began getting down and dirty – pulling out small shrubbery on the side of the tel (an archaeological term for a site with multiple layers, appearing as an artificial hill). As soon as the plants were removed from the surface, we were assigned squares in which we would work. The backbreaking work began! The process goes as such: pick-axe to soften the soil, trowel the loose dirt into buckets, dump buckets in wheelbarrow, bring wheelbarrow to dirt dumb site. This work continues until we reach an archeological layer, which can be noted by a structure, change in soil, or artifacts.

A Day on the Dig:
– Wake at 4:30
– Bus at 4:50
– Arrive at site 5:15ish
– Dig
– Coffee/Bread Break at 7:30
– Dig
– Breakfast at 9:30
– Dig
– Watermelon break at 10:30
– Dig
– Pack up at 12:30
– Leave the site
– Lunch at 1:00
– Shower and relax time
– Pottery washing at 4:30
– Lecture at 6
– Dinner at 7
– Relax and bed!


As you can see, a lot of work goes into volunteering on an archaeological dig. I am only three days in, and I have already been struck with blisters, bruises, and multiple cuts. I am sure the work will get easier physically. Plus, once we start finding more artifacts we will slow our work so we don’t miss a thing, which will also make the workload a bit easier.

As you can see I have been busy here and without functioning internet. I will try to stay connected, but stay posted for more about Israel.


7 thoughts on “Three days on the Dig in Lachish, Israel

    • Where I was specifically digging, there was not too much to find – mainly an Early Bronze Age (3300 BC) wall. In other areas some interesting findings included small statues, some gold jewelry, and plenty of intact vessels. It was a great experience working on the dig site but not quite like Indiana Jones :)

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