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Megiddo and Capharnaum

Megiddo and Capharnaum

Israel has an insane amount of national parks to visit, each of which is actually an archaeological park. I spent a few days in the northern region of Israel near the Galilee, and of course visited some of the archaeological ruins in that region.

Megiddo is a well known biblical site and excavations show that it was occupied from When they first began to excavated Megiddo, their goal was to excavate it in 100 years. To no surprise, they ran out of funding quickly. It is a great site to visit because of the variety it has to offer – there is an excavation from long ago that runs through the middle of the Tel (hill in Hebrew), there is a current excavation there by Tel Aviv University, a palace with horse stables, and a grand water system that was responsible for bringing water inside of the city walls.

Looking over Tel Megiddo

Looking over Tel Megiddo

Descending into the water systems at Megiddo

Descending into the water systems at Megiddo


Capharnaum (pictured above is the view of the Galilee from Capharnaum) is a well known site from the New Testament. It is where Peter’s home was located, which can be proved since inscriptions directly indicated that the octagonal shapped house was Peters. Capharnaum is also a place in which Jesus was said to have spent much time preaching. Be aware, that there is a dress code for visiting Capharnaum, which includes no shorts or tank tops.

Capharnaum - The town of Jesus

Capharnaum – The town of Jesus 

Looking at the modern church over Peter's house

Looking at the modern church over Peter’s house


Advice for visiting the archaeological sites in Israel:
– Bring water, lots of it!!
– Wear a hat and other clothing to block the sun
– Wear sunscreen
– Learn a little bit about the site and its place in history before visiting, so you know key points to visit.

PS: I am not supporting or denying any biblical references, only presenting what archaeology has allowed us to understand. 



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