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A Float in the Dead Sea

I recently returned from Israel, and at this time there is obviously some unrest in the country. But, instead of focusing only on that I would also like to write about the amazing things I experience in Israel. If you would like to know more about my experience with the current crisis in Israel, check out this link.

Floating in the Dead Sea is something I have always dreamed of, and two weeks ago I was finally able to have the sensational feeling of weightlessness while the salty water swirled around me. Plus, it takes the cake for being the lowest elevation on land in the World!

If you are going to float in the Dead Sea, you must do it right! Start with a proper mud “bath.” Pour the mud all over your body, let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes, then take a shower (there are often also sulfur showers available as well). I opted for a regular shower though. Only after the mud bath are you ready to take the plunge!

All muddy before taking the plunge!

All muddy before taking the plunge!


Things you should know before you float in the Dead Sea:

-you will suddenly be aware (in the least pleasant way possible) of any small scrape or cut
-jewelry may suffer corrosion, so take it off!
-Bring a pair of cheap sandals, the salt is rough and if you aren’t careful you may cut yourself while in very salty waters
DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES! I repeat DO NOT GET THE SALT WATER IN YOUR EYES. There is nearly no where to get it out, and it is very painful.


Floating in the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea

After all of these minor warnings, know that this is an experience I will never regret. Swimming in the Dead Sea is an unbelievable feeling that if at all possible, you should do sometime during your life!





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