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En Gedi Springs

En Gedi is the largest oasis along the Dead Sea. Because of this amazing resource, it has been inhabited since Chalcolithic times. En Gedi is one of the only two fresh water springs along the Dead Sea, making it a great source for fresh drinking water.


As a traveler, the En Gedi springs make for a great visit. Bring your bathing suit and prepare to get wet! You can enter most of the waterfalls, and the water is extremely refreshing. We stayed for half the day, but I could have easily spent a day relaxing here!


You can access the springs via the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and National Park. Once inside, just follow the trail upwards and you will come across waterfalls. If you continue hiking upwards, you will come across more and more waterfalls (most of which you can take a dip in). There are some points in which you can fill your water bottles directly from the spring.

If you are truly dedicated, you can hike up to what remains of a Chalcolthic temple (4500-3500 BC!), which was a place of pilgrimage. The hike is a bit intense in places – there are thin passage ways with a very steep drop. There is a spring along the way where you can refill your water bottle. I suggest brining a water bottle and wearing some sunscreen for this hike. Once at the temple, the view of the Dead Sea is amazing.

Hiking up to the Chalcolithic temple

Hiking up to the Chalcolithic temple

Chalcolithic temple overlooking the Dead Sea

Chalcolithic temple overlooking the Dead Sea

En Gedi awed me. As I walked up to the temple, I felt as if I was connecting with all those pilgrims past, present, and future. Pilgrimage can be somewhat of a spiritual experience, especially En Gedi with the amazing views.




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