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Bay View Wine Trail, Michigan

What to do when your are in Northern Michigan and the weather is not working in your favor? Well, may I suggest wine tasting! The Traverse City area has become well known for the wineries around the area, but there is also an up and coming wine trail in the Petoskey Area called the Bay View Wine Trail.

Vineyards of Northern Michigan

Vineyards of Northern Michigan

Just recently, some new types of grapes have been developed by breeding old world grapes with different types of wild grapes from the area. These “new” grapes are able to withstand longer and colder winters, which has allowed wineries to expand further north in Michigan.

Myself and a friend made our way around quite a few of the wineries, why not check them out for yourself? We followed the trail from east to the west.

Seasons of the North: is located in Indian River. There is a great selection of wines, my favorite being Backroads. Backroads is a a semi-sweet rosé made from an assortment of grapes that ends with a nice tartness. A tasting of 5 wines costs $5 (and you get to keep the glass).

Crooked Vine Vineyard & Winery: This winery just opened this season. Currently, they are using grapes from other vineyards while they are waiting for their grapes to mature. A husband and wife opened this winery to purse their love of fine wines. The couple is extremely friendly and noticeably passionate about wine. Their location is amazing overlooking scenic Norther Michigan with the grape vines in the foreground. My favorite wine here was Blackberry, with a nice touch of sweetness. Plus, it goes great with just a bit of dark chocolate! A tasting of 4 wines is $5 and you get to keep the glass!

Crooked Vine Vineyard & Winery

Crooked Vine Vineyard & Winery

Walloon Lake Winery: A family run winery with hopes of expanding their tasting room in the coming years. I really enjoyed the atmosphere here, casual conversation while enjoying great wine. Located not too far from downtown Petoskey. I quite liked their newest wine, the End of the Pike Peach wine, a sparkling peace wine.

Harbor Springs Vineyard and Winery: is the most expansive winery on the trail with a full farm, food, ice cream, wine, beer, and cider. It is located at Pond Hill Farm. A tasting of 7 wines is $10. The tasting room is very nice overlooking their farms. In addition to the wine, we tried the hard cider and had the beer cheese dip. Everything was great, I even left with a growler of cider.

Harbor Springs Vineyard & Winery

Harbor Springs Vineyard & Winery


The other wineries on the trail that we didn’t get to visit are: The Cellars of Royal Farms, Mackinaw Trail Winery, Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery, and Pleasantview Winery.


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