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The Wild Cow, Vegetarian Restaurant in Nashville

So far, Nashville has been a city of surprises. My only expectation of Nashville was that everything would be completely country. Yes, there are many bars with live country music, many shops to buy cowboy boots, and of course many cowboy hats. But, to my surprise, there is also a very “hipster” feel to Nashville that I just wasn’t expecting.

Today, we headed over to the East side of Nashville for lunch at The Wild Cow. The Wild Cow is a completely vegetarian restaurant. There are also vegan and gluten-free options available. It was amazing, everything is cooked fresh. In the area just around the restaurant there are also plenty of coffee shops and other unique restaurants to choose from. The Wild Cow was quite busy and seems to attractive locals and tourists alike.

The menu is expansive but not expensive! As a vegetarian, I am very accustomed to not having many choices in regular restaurants. After staring at the menu for ages I finally decided upon the Buffalo Grinder, a sandwich made with either tofu or tempeh that is tossed in buffalo sauce. It was beautiful – the flavors blended perfectly together. It was a hearty enough sandwich to fill me up. In addition, there are plenty of sides to choose from. I was pleased to have some lemon garlic hummus and chips.


So, if you are vegetarian or vegan or if your a regular meat eater, you should check out the Wild Cow. You will not regret it!


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