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Nightlife in Nashville

Nashville, the city of country music, late nights, and great bars. If you are looking for an exciting time with a little country twang, Nashville is the place to go. Two of my best friends and I chose the city as one of our main destinations in a short road trip.

The nightlife in the city of Nashville never stops. Walking down Broadway at noon, one can hear a variety of “country’s next biggest stars” jamming out in many of the various bars. The two main roads for all day party in Downtown Nashville are Broadway and 2nd Street. Be warned that drinks are expensive at most bars, and if you are traveling on a budget, may I suggest pre-drinking?

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Some of our favorite bars in Nashville…

Tootsies: A three-story bar with different bands on each level plus on the third floor there is an open patio giving a great view of Broadway. it is one of the many bars on Broadway with a long legacy of country music.

Close-up at Tootsies

Close-up at Tootsies

HonkyTonk Central: A three-story bar with open patios on each floor overlooking one of the busiest corners on Broadway. A great spot for people watching those below. Live music all day, so don’t go here expecting a quiet lunch or dinner.

At HonkyTonk Central overlooking the bustling Broadway Street

At HonkyTonk Central overlooking the bustling Broadway Street

Tin Roof: A newer addition to the Nashville scene, but “where everybody is somebody.” The bottom level has live music while the second floor has a portion of the floor cut out in order to watch the band below.

View from the second level at the Tin Roof in Nashville

View from the second level at the Tin Roof in Nashville

Robert’s Western World: Another historically country music bar. It was originally a western apparel store. When a juke box and some live music was added, it was a country music success for the up and coming. Much of the music here is a more classical style of country. There is a small upstairs bar area for more seating near the back.

The stage at Robert's Western World

The stage at Robert’s Western World

Make sure to make reservations for:

Blue Bird Cafe: One of the longest standing country music cafes. A place where song writers perform their own songs and are looking to get big. If you plan to go to the Blue Bird, make sure to make reservations through their website plenty of time in advanced!

Grand Ole Opry: “The show that made country music famous” The Grand Ole Opry opened in 1925 as a radio show, and today is a famous live entrainment hall. There are many different names for the famous establishment such as “home of American music” and “country’s most famous stage.” But, regardless of what you call it, it makes for a great night in Nashville.


Please feel free to share your favorite bar in Nashville


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