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Rainbow Falls, Smoky Mountains

After a mostly uphill hike through the woods in the Smoky Mountains, we arrived at the Rainbow Falls. A truly beautiful view to behold.


The hike is 5.6 miles round trip, but it is a somewhat difficult hike. As we ascended to the falls, we followed the winding river. The river made for great views and a lovely natural soundtrack. There are also a few smaller falls along the way.


The waterfall at the end of the trail is enormous. There are plenty of jagged rocks that have fallen off of the cliff side randomly placed in every orientation. These jagged rocks have smoothed over time with the constant flow of heavy water (and they are great for simple bouldering to get some better views!). This waterfall exemplifies how powerful mother nature can be. Looking up at the falls I felt at one with nature while at the same time respecting its power and strengths over me.


While visiting the Smoky Mountains, we stayed in a small hotel in Gatlinburg, TN. Gatlinburg is a small town just outside of the national park. Let it be known that it is filled with plenty of tourist traps as well as some moonshine distilleries, wineries, and a brewery. We originally planned to camp, but the national park was mostly sold at the time we booked our trip. Look in advanced if you plan on camping! Ultimately, staying in a hotel was a good choice this time because the weather was not often in our favor while we were in the mountains. It rained on and off everyday while we were there, but of course we still made the best of it!!




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