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Summer Recap on AM Travel


This summer has been a busy one on AM travel, so I put a quick recap together. At the end of April, I walked across the stage at Oakland University to celebration from undergraduate education. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Spanish. From there, I spent most of the summer traveling from one place to another.



First I headed to Puerto RicoI spent the majority of the time on a smaller island off of the mainland, Vieques. I also spent some time in San Juan.
Snorkeling off the island of Vieques
Exploring the Castillos in San Juan
Watching the Sunset in Paradise
Strolling through the tropical rainforest, El Yunque

Mosquito pier is known for it's stunning starfish


June 20th, I flew to Israel to spend about a month working on an archaeological dig at Lachish. Because of this summer’s situation in Israel, our group had to leave a couple of days early.
How & Why I am working on an archaeological dig
Floating in the Dead Sea
En Gedi Springs
Thoughts on the crisis in Israel

Floating in the Dead Sea



Only a few days after my return, I drove up to Mackinaw City to work on an archaeological dig at Fort Michilimackinaw. I spent a couple of extra days in Northern Michigan camping and visiting friends.
Bay View Wine Trail

Vineyards of Northern Michigan


After some time in Northern Michigan, I was headed to Nashville and Gatlinburg for a short road trip. We spent a long weekend in Nashville with plenty of time for going out on the town. While in Gatlinburg, we hiked through the Smoky Mountains.
Nightlife in Nashville
Gatlinburg – City Guide


This summer has been action packed, but what is next for AM travel? 

I am currently living at home to save up some money, and I have gotten a job serving at a local restaurant. I am still waiting for my official invitation from the Peace Corps, but (assuming I get the invitation) it looks like I will be leaving in March to either El Salvador or Paraguay. Before March, I would love to plan a trip out west to do some snowboarding, so that is in the works. Stay posted. There is plenty more to come on AM Travel.

You can also find me on:

Twitter: @amtraveltimes
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