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Lennon Wall, Prague

Prague is an amazing city, one that I would never hesitate to return to. Within the exciting city you can check out the old square, the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world, the Prague castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Charles Bridge (just to name a few). Just wandering around the city, we were delighted to find many other smaller attractions that were no less exciting.

The Lennon Wall was once your average wall, but since the 1980s has been decorated with John Lennon- inspired graffiti and other Beatles songs. It all started during the communist regime of Gustáv Húsak when young Czechs were speaking out agains the political powers of the time. The movement came to be known as “Lennonism,” which was regarded as a group of alcoholics, sociopathic, and agents of Western capitalism by the regime. A visit to the wall is like taking a step back to a time of a radical movement in history.


Today, the wall has been transformed into graffiti supporting love and peace. There layers upon layers of paint; the wall is always changing.


The wall is owned by the Knights of Malta and is located in the Grand Priory Square. **The fact that this is owned by the Knights of Malta is extremely interesting because in Rome the secret key hole is found on the doors of a villa owned by the Knights of Malta. 

Who are these knights anyways? It is a Roman Catholic religious order that traditionally has its roots in military, chivalrous, and noble nature. It is the modern day “Fraternitas Hospitalaria” or Knights Hospitaller. A group founded around 1050 to protect pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. This is one again very interesting because these knights were also said to protect pilgrims on their journey to Santiago, Spain on El Camino de Santiago. I was once a pilgrim with my destination being Santiago. The world becomes smaller and history converges the more you travel. 

Just around the corner you can find the “love lock bridge” of Prague, similar idea to the love lock bridge in Paris.



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