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Spencer’s Gorge, Ontario, Canada

Have you ever heard of Hamilton, Canada? No? Well, I hadn’t either, until recently, and I only live about a five hour’s drive away from Hamilton. Coming to Hamilton, I didn’t know what to expect. Well, I suppose I was expecting some amazing waterfalls because that is what saw on pintrest. I did find some amazing waterfalls, but I also found a HUGE escarpment that divides the city, which is part of the Niagara Escarpment. Plus, the city is made up of an extremely interesting mix of cultures from around the world.

Tews Falls

Tews Falls

There are over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton, so it becomes tricky to choose which one to go to when you only have a couple of days. After seeing photos online, my heart was dead set on seeing Devil’s Punch Bowl (even though the ratings were a little low) and Eramosa Karst (a small hiking area with interesting geological features). Contrary to my prior research, locals encouraged me to visit the Spencer Gorge because the Devil’s Punch bowl often does not actually have water flowing.

The height of the Tews Falls was astonishing, a real "wow" moment

The height of the Tews Falls was astonishing, a real “wow” moment

That being said, I went for Spencer’s Gorge. I am glad that I did. Along that trail, there are two large waterfalls: Webster Falls and Tews Falls. If you continue on along the trail past the water falls, you reach a look out point called Dundas Valley Lookout with a view of the whole valley. The trail is easy to moderate with some slight inclines and a few stairs. Along the way there are observation decks that look over both waterfalls and the valley.


Webster Falls

Directions are tricky in Hamilton because of the escarpment. If you get a city map, make sure to get the “bike routes, trails & parks” edition because the general city map is very difficult to interpret because it is so zoomed out. But once you are at Spencer’s Gorge, there is plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors. It is $10.00 to park, and once you have the parking ticket you are able to visit any of the hamilton conservation parks for the remainder of the day. (This worked out nicely because we made it to two parks in one day: Spencer’s Gorge & Eramosa Karst).

Overlooking the Escarpment

Overlooking the Escarpment

Overlooking Spencer's Gorge

Overlooking Spencer’s Gorge


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